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Xiamen GAIKE Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd was found in 2000, is a collection of development and producti   on as one of the engineering machinery manufacture enterprise. After many years of business development and experience accumulation, GAIKE has already developed into a professional manufacturer of construction machinery in China.

Quality products, quality service, the company's products sell well worldwide.


YS775-8 wheel excavator with sugarcane grapple

YS775-8 wheel excavator with stone grapple

YS775-8 wheel excavator with log grapple


The construction machinery industry or the rising tide, related plate investment opportunities?
The rapid growth of construction machinery sales in 2017 has led to a dramatic improvement in the performance of several listed companies and a sustained rise in share prices.
The economic recovery "One Belt And One Road" has been boosted by the booming sales of excavators.
On January 18, the national bureau of statistics will release major macroeconomic data for 2017. Although the "report card" is not yet available, we can see it from other sources as well.