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Customer service

Customer service

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Service Concept:

Being customer-oriented to provide customers with quality service by adhering to the service concept of "quick, efficient, thoughtful and professional"

Warranty Period:

YS7 Series Wheeled Excavator: The warranty period is 6 months from the date of delivery to the user or 1000 operating hours, whichever occurs first shall prevail.

Bucket: The warranty period is 6 months (no warranty for the bucket teeth), and the warranty period of storage batteries, electrical components, the matching pump plunger shaft of diesel engine system, the matching delivery valve, the fuel injector and other consumables is one month.


Warranty Principles:

1. During the warranty period, the maintenance will be performed according to the schedule. If, in normal use, the parts are flawed in material, manufacture or assembly and are identified as non-artificial damage by the person designated by Gaike, Gaike will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the defective parts for free.

2. The replacement of component assemblies is limited to cases where the component assembly is severely damaged and is identified as non-repairable or no repair value by the person designated by Gaike.

3. The defects of wheeled excavators may cause (economical or moral, direct or indirect, or expected, etc.) damage or loss to users other than the machine itself. Gaike is only responsible for the repairs or replacements of the defective parts of the machine itself and does assume the compensation liability for the damage or loss other than the machine itself.


The following objects and situations, even within the warranty period, are not covered by the warranty:

1. Any losses or defects caused by accidents, improper driving, illegal operation, negligence or natural force majeure.

2. Any defects or losses caused by installing attachments or changing the structure or application of the machine, etc. without the written consent of Gaike.

3. In the cases of unauthorized dismantling or deliberately damaging the timer, or other manners to artificially affect the operation of the timer, the warranty period of the machine will be regarded as expired.

4. The artificially expanded section of the losses or damages caused by fault operation when the machine is abnormal or defective but is not stopped to eliminate the malfunction.

5. Any cases where the causes and responsibilities of failure is hard to identify due to unauthorized adjustments, dismantling or repairs for the system pressure setting parts or the machine components, or the parts and components are defective or missing, or the nameplate is missing.

6. Any cases where the maintenance is not provided regularly or the Gaike-designated or special-brand diesel engine oils, gearbox transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, etc. are not used, and any possible faults thereby.

7. Any faults caused by the use of diesel fuel that is unqualified or not suitable for the local climate temperature.

8. Any expenses incurred by the periodic maintenance of filter screens, filter elements, etc. or the refilling or replacement of oils, antifreezes, etc. in the repair (including the responsibility of compensation for oil replacement or refilling and loss of working time).

9. Any parts to be replaced in the periodic inspection and maintenance of pin rolls, pin bushes, cutting boards, bucket tooth, brake pads, brake discs, etc. due to wear and tear; and any faults due to wear of gears and tires in use, or tire crown pattern less than 1/3.

10. Glass, belts, seals, gaskets, fuses, light bulbs, grease nipples, standard fasteners, door locks, rearview mirrors, etc., as well as the wearing parts, consumable parts and aging parts to be replaced in the normal maintenance, service, lubrication and cleaning of products.

11. Slight or apparent defects generally not affecting the stability, reliability and service performance of the machine.

12. Any cases where the failure phenomenon is destroyed and can’t be indentified due to handling or manufacturing by users themselves without the approval of Gaike or its dealer's service center.


Important Hints:

1. The free warranty is only available when you use Gaike's special oil products. If the service radius exceeds 200 kilometers, users must purchase five times the oil products required for compulsory maintenance at one time.

2. The responsibility for the damage to the tires is indentified by the professional personnel assigned by from Gaike. If the tires can no longer be used, users must purchase new tires for replacement at their own expense to recover the operation of the machine.

3. The behaviors of stopping or preventing Gaike's service personnel from performing necessary failure inspections, diagnosis or repairs on the machine, or failing to return the replacement parts to Gaike will affect the performance of Gaike’s warranty obligations, and users are responsible for the loss incurred.

4. In the case of timer failure, users are obliged to immediately inform Gaike’s for maintenance. In the event that users fail to perform the notification obligation but Gaike discovers the failure by itself and confirms it as unintentional damage, the operating hours of the machine will be calculated on the basis of at least 12 hours/day (from the date of purchase to the date of discovery of timer failure by Gaike).

5. If the local service provider fails to inspect and maintain the machine according to the compulsory maintenance schedule, users must immediately call Gaike’s after-sales service center (0592-6682966) to clarify the situation. Otherwise, it is deemed as giving up compulsory maintenance. And only the three-guarantee period of three months or 1,000 hours (for repair, replacement and compensation of faulty products) is implemented.

6. Users must carry out daily maintenance for diesel engines according to the requirements of Gaike and the power manufacturers, and the three-guarantee period of six months or 1000 hours is implemented.

7. The consumables (three filters and accessories for diesel engine) for compulsory maintenance and routine maintenance of diesel engines must be purchased from Gaike or power manufacturers. The diesel engine oil used must be the special diesel engine oil from Gaike or the power manufacturers, and the anti-cold fluid used must be recognized by the power manufacturers or Gaike.

8. For the content of diesel engine maintenance, refer to Manual for Diesel Engine Usage and Maintenance for details.

9. Any failures caused by users’ improper use or the use of counterfeit and other non-manufacturer-specified accessories will not be covered in three guarantees.

***After-sales Service Hotline of Gaike: 0592-6682966