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The economic recovery "One Belt And One Road" has been boosted by the booming sales of excavators.
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The economic recovery "One Belt And One Road" has been boosted by the booming sales of excavators.

2018/01/18 13:51
On January 18, the national bureau of statistics will release major macroeconomic data for 2017. Although the "report card" is not yet available, we can see it from other sources as well.
On January 18, the national bureau of statistics will release major macroeconomic data for 2017. Although the "report card" is not yet available, we can see it from other sources as well. Excavator sales are one of them. Last year, China's excavator sales doubled, and the export surge and attendance maintained a high level, which reflected the rising of China's infrastructure investment and the signal of economic recovery.
Excavator sales doubled year-on-year.
According to the China engineering machinery industry association mining machinery branch data released a few days ago, in 2017 incorporated in the scope of the association of 25 host manufacturing enterprises, a total of 140303 units, all kinds of mining machinery products year-on-year increase of 99.5%, more than the sum of 15, 16 years sales, since 2012 the highest sales. Even in the fourth quarter, when the sales of excavators were out of season, the monthly sales fell by 10,000. Between October and December 2017, excavator sales were up 81.2 per cent, 107.4 per cent and 102.6 per cent respectively.
In terms of export, the export growth rate of excavators increased in December 2017, with a year-on-year growth of 72.1%. In January and December of 2017, the export volume of excavators in China was 9672, a year-on-year increase of 32%. In November 2017, the number of export sales reached 1,272, up 72% year on year, and 38% from the previous month.
In addition, the number of mechanical attendance hours increased slightly in the last year, and the attendance rate of equipment was also maintained at a high level. This also confirms the development of the excavator industry from the side.
Excavator sales momentum is expected to continue this year. In 2018 sales of excavators, soochow securities research report points out, from parts company production scheduling, in the first quarter of 2018 production scheduling are expected to grow 20%, in the first quarter of 2018 engineering machinery sales growth is expected to still keep good posture, and overall demand growth in 2018 from 10% to 20%, 15-170000.
Domestic and foreign economic recovery is the main cause.
In 2017, the sales volume of excavators has increased greatly, and the export is good, which is related to the economic recovery at home and abroad.
On the macro side, liu xiangdong, deputy director of the economic research department of China international economic exchange center, said that the data behind the excavator industry reflected the construction needs of roads, Bridges and other infrastructure projects. In 2017, China's economic performance is bright, and infrastructure investment has gained sufficient momentum to support it.
Research shows that in terms of industry, grass-roots excavator sales soar on the one hand, because of coal mining on the big dig demand, on the other hand, countries "area" construction of the increasing demand for 20, 30 - ton cuhk dig. According to the analysis, in 2017, the demand for excavator replacement and replacement is strong, and the superposition of environmental protection is stricter and the manufacturers replace the new policies with the old ones. The update demand has boosted the sales growth of excavators in 2017.
In addition, the growth of excavators in China last year was simultaneous in both domestic and international markets. In particular, as "One Belt And One Road" continues, China's capital, enterprises and projects go out and drive the equipment, and the export volume of excavators goes up.
One Belt And One Road will be the main battleground for infrastructure.
The economic performance of the world's major economies in 2017 is better than that of 2016. Meanwhile, a large number of One Belt And One Road projects are under construction, which will become the main battlefield for future infrastructure investment.
In the construction of One Belt And One Road, connectivity is the top priority. The mechanical equipment industry, which is represented by excavators, is the first to feel its benefits. "Area" of the institute of Beijing normal university, said Hu Biliang this good performance in three aspects: one is a large number of major infrastructure projects in the "area" of international cooperation to speed up its peak BBS, showed positive results; Second, the dozens of economic and trade cooperation zones built by China in the "One Belt And One Road" of more than 20 countries have also speeded up the construction speed and have a direct driving effect on the industry. 3 it is since 2017, our country enterprise from "area" country received more foreign contracted project contract, new signing contracts can be better than the same period in 2016 increased by almost 40%, accounting for nearly 60% of all new signing contracts can be to the same period, but also better contract execution and completion.
Market participants believe that with the promotion of "One Belt And One Road" strategy, investment in infrastructure will bring huge market space to engineering machinery enterprises, especially leading companies.
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